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OUR VISION is that St Paul’s Catholic Parish Primary School will be:

  • A community enlivened by Gospel Values and the person of Jesus Christ and his teachings
  • An integral part of parish life, and serve the evangelising mission of the Church
  • Embodied in its school motto: Truth, Love and Faith


  • As a believing community, the life and teachings of Jesus provide a focus for the faith development of our children
  • As an integral part of our parish community, our school recognises and rejoices in our interdependence 
  • As a caring community, our school hopes to be characterised by a climate of trust, openness, mutual support and tolerance. In this climate, a positive response to the challenge of personal achievement and spiritual growth can be encouraged 
  • As a community reaching out, we recognise our place in the wider community and accept our responsibility to be aware of and responsive to the needs of others
  • As a supportive community, we share with parents the privilege of educating our children. With parents as our partners, and with all other members of our community, we cherish and honour the uniqueness of each individual
  • As a learning community, we seek to provide teaching and learning experiences which are relevant, developmental, and challenging so that children can develop to their full potential
  • As a hope-filled community, we sense the need to prepare children to critically view their world and its values, unafraid of the challenge to be truthful, honourable members of the world community