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Managing your iPad
Your Battery
School iPad Format
As the iPads belong to the families of our students, you are able to install which ever Apps you desire on the iPad. However, to simplify the studnet's use and maintain a level of consistency across our classes, we require the students to keep their school used Apps together on the front screens, and any Games, etc to be stored in folders on latter screens of the iPads where they aren't shared with typical classroom use.
The school has a number of HP M401 printers which are AirPrint compatible. This means that it is relatively simple for the students to print with their iPads whilst at school. For iPads to print at home, you would be required to purchase an AirPrint Compatible printer or install Printopia on a Mac computer which is connected to any printers.
iCloud and Google Drive
In recommending a 16GB iPad, we know that additional storage is available through iCloud and Google Drive. These are essential tools that allow students 24/7 access to their content across multiple devices, and it also teaches our students to better manage the work space on their device. Using Google Drive provides an easy to use workflow for students to submit work and receive work files from the Teacher. Google Drive also is a Cloud storage backup of each child's work.