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What does my child do if an iDevice has been lost, stolen or damaged at school?

If the iDevice is lost, stolen or damaged at school, the student must report it to their teacher immediately. The teacher will provide an Incident Report Form for completion. Action in response to damage or loss will be determined by the school. 


What type of actions will not be supported by the school?

Damage caused to the screen or other fragile components by misuse or application of excess force or twisting by the student to their own device. 

Repairs or issues dealt with under warranty. 

Devices lost traveling to and from school.


Can I connect to the Internet from my home network?

Yes. Note that the internet protections in place at school do not apply at home and parents are responsible for internet access at home.



Can I load other content onto my child’s iDevice?

Yes. While the iDevice is at school however, it is understood to be a learning tool. The applications requested by the school must be on the iDevice at all times. No other content may be accessed at school or shared with other students.