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Our Rationale


St Paul’s Catholic Primary School is striving to provide contemporary quality learning environments for students through the integration of technology across all key learning areas. As part of this process we will are implementing a 1:1 iPad approach for Stage 3 students. iPads will be used in a range of learning spaces allowing students the opportunities to achieve desired learning outcomes in ways that are not possible using traditional methods. 

St Paul’s has a strong view on the importance of technology in the role of the education of its students. We see this as one of a number of key ingredients that support students in the learning process. The provision of a technologically rich environment allows teachers to access a greater variety of tools to enhance their teaching. It supports our key educational aim of developing innovative and engaging teaching strategies to facilitate authentic learning for our students. 

The iPad is purchased by the parents and all students are expected to abide by the Acceptable Use of Learning Technologies, Student Responsibilities for iPad Care and iPad Use Agreement policies. In order to ensure seamless integration of technology into the curriculum, whilst maintaining a cost effective and efficient program for the school, careful consideration is given to the appropriate decisions for device models for student use. 

Today’s generation of students view technology as a part of their everyday environment. To appropriately meet their needs, technology should be pervasive – always available. A digital environment enables communication and collaboration among peers and staff. It connects parents to their child’s learning. Educators are provided with digital tools to create learning plans, manage educational content and track student progress. Parent involvement is greatly increased as student work done at school can be viewed more closely and students can continue on with work from the school day more easily.