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St Paul’s School aims to promote the ideals of Christ that are reflected in our school motto – TRUTH LOVE FAITH. We as a school community endeavour to create an environment that fosters dignity, compassion and respect.

We believe that the rights and responsibilities of all should be recognised in a place of quality Catholic learning and teaching, belonging, celebration, hope and respect and justice

In 2014 St Paul’s School will implement School Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning (SPB4L). This is a positive behaviour framework to enhance learning. We look forward to implementing our three school rules:




SPB4L is a Diocesan initiative that has been running for a number of years now, in both Primary and High Schools. Our involvement came about as a desire to continually review and improve what is happening for our school community and to better assist student relationships and behaviour in their interactions with others.

SPB4L is a framework that is applied to a whole-school context. It is a positive behaviour support process that involves all staff and students. It relies heavily on the consistent use of comprehensive data collection, functional assessment and analysis, school-wide interventions and person-centred values.

Over the duration of 3-5 years St Paul’s has developed comprehensive systems of support for all students at the whole school, non classroom, classroom and targeted/individual levels.